The Taste Bud

I’ve finally done it. My own blog. My own little spot in cyberspace. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s going to be dedicated solely to all things FOOD? Do I have your attention?

As “The Taste Bud,” I’ll be sharing my secrets and tips on making simple and tasty meals without eating into too much of your time or money. Many of these meals are southern comfort food staples. They are the kind of meals I grew up on in North Carolina. The kind of meals that possess an aroma that can immediately transport me back through the decades and miles to my childhood home. These aren’t just meals to me. Many of them are fond memories, almost as if I’m getting together with an old friend. I hope you’ll become friends with some of them just as I have over the years.

However, simply cycling through the same meals week after week does get a bit boring. “What? We’re having spaghetti AGAIN?” Yes, there are times when even I feel like I can’t even look at another plate of spaghetti or piece of chicken. So more recently I’ve been taking lots of meals that I grew up with and I’ve been making them do some growing up! By adding more complex flavors, different cooking techniques, and creative serving ideas, I’ve been able to transform the typical Tuesday night dinner from blahhhh into boooom!

This will be a very visual blog with lots of pictures of the entire cooking process. The pictures are designed to inspire and make your mouth water. Recipes will be provided where applicable, though I’ve never been a big fan of using recipes. Many of my best dishes have been a result of experimentation. I put on my mad scientist cap, see what’s in the fridge, and get cooking! You never know what may turn out when you take this approach to cooking.

As a disclaimer, I’d like to point out that I’m not an actual chef. I have no formal training. I don’t even own a cookbook. Everything I’ve learned in the kitchen has come through practice and lots of trial-and-error. I still make mistakes. Sometimes big black clouds billow out of the oven. Things stick to the bottom of pots and pans. It’s not all pretty, but you’ll never learn if you don’t make a few mistakes.

I hope you’ll walk away from these blog posts with a better sense of appreciation for food and the knowledge that “Yes! You can do this, too!”

Happy eating,

The Taste Bud