The Ultimate Utensils

In this day and age, it seems like you can buy kitchen gizmos and gadgets that will do just about anything. They’ll knead your dough. They’ll chop your onions while guaranteeing that you won’t shed a single tear. They’ll simmer, sizzle, sear, sauté, scrape, scoop, spoon, spread, smear, and satisfy nearly every culinary itch that you could ever imagine. They’ll liquify, pulverize, grind, blend, puree, and whip your egg whites into stiff, voluptuous peaks.

Still, when I get in the kitchen, there is one set of utensils I absolutely can’t live without. I don’t have to worry about misplacing them, which is good news for this scatterbrained cook. They’re easy to find, which is good news for this blind-as-a-bat cook. They don’t cost me a single dime and they don’t have to be replaced, which is good news for this tightwad cook. They’re even attached to my body! Yes, when it comes to getting in the kitchen, scrap all of the fancy stuff and just give me the finger. Preferably all ten of them.

Yes, the fingers. The ultimate utensils. You could even say they’re the ultimate uTENsils. Ten fingers (maybe nine if you’re a high school shop teacher) that are capable of mixing, blending, patting, flipping, picking up, kneading, stirring, scooping, and sneaking a taste of your latest kitchen creation.

I can imagine cooking and eating without a fork. I can imagine cooking and eating without a spoon. I can imagine cooking and eating without a knife. I can’t imagine a single possible scenario that involves me cooking or eating without my fingers. The next time you’re in the kitchen, challenge yourself to see how much you can do with them. Throw caution to the wind and play with your food. Besides, you know you want to. It might not always be pretty, but these valuable utensils will always get the job done, hands down.

Is there a utensil you couldn’t live without? If so, what is it?

Happy eating,

The Taste Bud